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TGM Medical Missionary Training Center

TGM is an acronym meaning in German language “Trainingszentrum für Gesundheitsmission“, literally translated “Training Center for Medical Missionary Work“.

Located in the wonderful Southern part of Austria called Carinthia (Kärnten), TGM is accommodated in a hotel in the midst of peaceful nature. In the same building you may find not only the mission school, but also the Country Life Austria lifestyle center.

Since 2006 TGM offers an one year training for medical missionary work. There have been trained already more than 130 young people from several European countries. The emphasize of TGM is medical missionary work and the work in a health center. Our students learn anatomy, physiology, vegan cooking, giving full body massage and also water treatments. During the school year our students work also in the garden and in all parts of a Newstart health center, including the kitchen, the laundry, the hotel guest rooms, the tea bar and giving treatments.

In a nutshell, in the one year course in TGM you will receive all the needed equipment in order to work in a medical center of influence or in another Newstart lifestyle center.

Our students, looking back to their time at TGM, appreciate especially the following elements of the TGM training:
• the quality of the holistic training
• the diversity of teachers
• the different opportunities for practical work
• the special fellowship
• the character change
• the spiritual surrounding
• the inspiration weekend
• the Newstart programs
• the conversions and spiritual revivals of our lifestyle guests in amidst ten days
• the mission trip

Despite of our main emphasize of health, we do offer also classes for the parts Bible, discipleship, maintaining your daily relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, evangelism, self-supporting missionary work, biological agriculture, practical work (garden, infrastructure, kitchen, media) and in- and outreach

Duration of the course:
- beginning of January to midst of December
- one month mission trip in November

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Mattersdorf 10, 9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten, Feldkirchen, Austria
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