ASI is characterized by fellowship, sharing, networking and inspiration among its members
ASI Europe Conventions take place all two years in the last week in August
ASI Europe maintains a project supporting system
According to it’s motto ASI Europe provides witnessing material

Fellowship & Networking

ASI members practise networking, fellowship, and sharing around the globe and get motivated, inspired and empowered to finish the work on earth.

ASI Europe Events

ASI Conventions are energetic, inspiring affairs where networks are formed and plans are made that individual or institutions could never accomplish alone. ASI events feature dynamic speakers and stimulating seminars on personal witnessing, spiritual growth, health, and preparing for Christ’s imminent return.

Project Support

ASI Europe supports projects which are aiming the proclamation of the 3AM. Funding requirements and funding application forms can be requested from the VP Evangelism.

Witnessing Material

ASI Europe provide different witnessing material. Since 2009 the “New Beginnings” program, which is dedicated to the work in small groups, is widely spread among Europe. This material is available in a variety of languages.