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Springs of Life Foundation (Fundacja Źródła Życia)

Springs of Life Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to share the gospel of Christ and to create a spirit of active involvement among the church’s lay members in Poland. Shortly after the fall of communism, Springs of Life has since been working to achieve these goals through two main areas of activity: the production and distribution of thousands of books, magazines, and other materials related to the Bible, health, and family; and the organization and promotion of healthy lifestyle programs. The Springs of Life Foundation has existed since 1991. We serve many people in various ages groups from the general public.

Springs of Life Foundation main activities are:

• spreading the knowledge about health and disease prevention;
• promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating;
• popularizing freedom from addictions and the principles of Christian morality;
• helping orphaned children, adults with disabilities.

Projects implemented and supported by the Springs of Life Foundation:

• publishing books on physical and mental health issues as well as social and religious topics;
• supporting a nationwide network of Health Clubs;
• running NEWSTART programs;
• supporting Health Expo programs;
• publishing the quarterly magazine entitled Health by Choice;
• popularizing a vegan diet and healthy eating habits through a vegan culinary blog entitled:;
• sharing practical health articles and tips on;
• supporting volunteering programs in the orphanages in Tanzania and India.


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ul. Źródlana 1, Budy Zasłona, 96-320 Mszczonów, Poland
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