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Matteson Mission School

Known for its distinct family atmosphere and inspiring learning environment, Matteson Mission School, an institution of the Granheim Foundation, believes in training medical missionaries for a life of wholehearted service to God. The staff wishes to reflect the atmosphere of heaven by promoting the simple, yet comprehensive principles of Christian living. They encourage careful examination and independent thinking among the student body, facilitating learning and practical application. Students are taught to form habits for sound decision-making and for the development of Christian integrity. The ministry leaders hope to send out balanced, well-rooted Christians who have adopted long-lasting values, such as character, ownership, balance, Adventist identity, and sustainability.

In addition to the medical missionary training, the team runs a lifestyle club as a part of its outreach efforts. The goal is to use health evangelism as a means to serve the needs of the local community. This is achieved through health lectures, cooking demonstrations, exercise groups, and health weeks.

It also runs a compost production plant which many gardens in the community benefit from.

The vision of the foundation is to create a model of sustainable evangelism in our local communities and to train our students to become true missionaries and resources for the church and their local communities.


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Trømborgveien 436, Mysen, Norway
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