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Country Life Newstart Center Austria

The Country Life Institute Austria is located in the wonderful Southern part of Austria called Carinthia (Kärnten) in the midst of a peaceful nature.

The Country Life Institute offers yearly several ten days health programs that are operated in close connection and cooperation with the medical missionary school TGM Austria. Unique in our lifestyle programs is the close contact between our medical missionary students and our lifestyle guests. This creates a warm and lovely family atmosphere that our health guests enjoy and appreciate.

What do we offer in the Newstart programs?
- the 10 days test of Daniel chapter 1 in practice
- prior testing is taking into account
- personalized daily schedule
- individualized water or charcoal applications and tea recommendations
- practical plant-based vegetarian cooking and baking courses
- informative health presentations
- workshop about simple natural remedies and healing methods
- personal lifestyle coach
- spiritual program – pastoral care available upon request
- recommendations for a take-home-program

What are the usual feedbacks of the participants of our Newstart programs?
In my whole life I was never so fine like here.
These were the most relaxing holidays of my life.
I have the impression that here is Jesus present with many angels.
I’ve never experienced anything comparable.
This is a foretaste of heaven.
This a paradise at earth.
This is Christianity lived out in practice.
This is the fulfillment of my dreams about Christian fellowship.

To God be all the glory for these feedbacks!


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Mattersdorf 10, 9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten, Feldkirchen, Austria

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