TGM Austria

TGM Austria

Since 2006 on, our Mission school offers a one year medical missionary course. Until now, over 130 young people from several European countries have already trained at TGM. As lifestyle counselors, graduates are able to apply their achieved skills in different centers of influence.
Our major focus of study is the medical missionary work. We train our students in Bible basics as well as in more profound Evangelism tools and understanding the present truth. In the lessons on Bible study, Spirit of Prophecy, personal and public Evangelism, discipleship etc., they internalize a close, personal relashionship with Jesus, become strong in faith and motivated for sharing the happy news with others.
In combination with the spiritual part of study, our students learn also Health Evangelism according to the Spirit of Prophecy. Therefore, in both theoretical and practical subjects like anatomy, physiology, massage and hydrotherapy, the students learn how to apply God-given natural remedies for different kinds of diseases. They enjoy the privilege of getting acquainted with the structure and functioning of an Adventist outpost Health center. They are involved into the Newstart sessions and see the proclamation of the Health message put into practise. Furthermore, an insight into hotel management is being received by working in the hotel restaurant, kitchen, laundry, house keeping and room service.
To put it short, the TGM medical missionary course enables and equips young missionary-minded people for the proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel and a life-long service in Adventist centers of influence.

Looking back on their time at TGM, our graduates appreciate especially the following elements of the TGM training:
• the quality of the holistic training
• the variety of teachers
• different spheres of practical work
• the unique fellowship
• the character change
• the spiritual surrounding
• the Inspiration Weekend
• the Newstart programs
• experiences of spiritual revival of our guests during the Newstart sessions
• the one-month Mission Trip

Duration of the annually offered course:
- January until December
- one-month Mission Trip in November
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