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amazing discoveries


amazing discoveries e. V. (AD) is an internationally operating Christian media ministry with offices in Germany and Switzerland. Our members belong to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. amazing discoveries holds the legal status of a non-profit organization. Donations and personal commitment enable amazing discoveries to produce a range of lectures and seminars at a consistently high level, as well as to provide people from all social classes access to our content. We cooperate with worldwide known speakers like Prof. Dr. Walter Veith, Olaf Schröer, Ronny Schreiber, Reinhard Gelbrich and many others. Our constantly growing product range includes numerous seminars as video lectures, books, films, music and photo media.


amazing discoveries has the goal,

- to expose deception in the spiritual realm and restore the truth about God and His Word through the proclamation of the three angels’ messages
- to show the connection between current events and biblical prophecy to give people hope and peace in uncertain times
- to show that science and Christian faith are not contradictory
(This is about significant facts from the areas of creation and evolution, global religious developments, health and nutrition, archaeology and more)
- to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle


We broadcast on life-changing topics to households and individuals all over the world. Our aim is to reach people worldwide with the good news of Jesus’ second coming. We are an officially licensed broadcaster (24/7) and broadcast a wide range of topics (prophecy, faith, science and lifestyle), including English-language program on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


“Amazing Discoveries has taken a crucial role in proclaiming the present truth in the German language. Your ministry is filling a grievous vacuum for many believers.
Thank you for this important and spirited enterprise.” G. P.

“AD is in my prayers. I think your speakers are ‘powerful present-day apostles’.
I appreciate your being unequivocal. I thank each one of you in whatever seemingly unimposing capacity.” H. R. G.

“In recent months I have realized how many good ideas and impulses are springing from you and your work … My really heartfelt thanks to all of you! This work is obviously being blessed by God.” C. W.



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